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The CoParenting Toolkit

For Separated, Divorced, and Blended Families

By Isolina Ricci, Ph.D

This is a real toolkit!

“Dr. Ricci has done it again! The CoParenting Toolkit will likely become the resource manual for coparents, their attorneys, and mediators…”
—Claire N Barnes, MA, Executive Director, Kids’ Turn

    Best I have seen in this kind of book!… has more useful and practical information in fewer pages than any other author on this topic. It’s actually fun to read.
—Philip Reedy, MA, former Education Coordinator, California Statewide Office of Family Court Services

Inspiring, Practical, Interactive, Easy to Use

This book is packed with examples, options, quizzes, lists, and suggested Guidelines.

  • Decide if coparenting is right for your family
  • Boost your coparenting strengths
  • Consider new CoParenting Guidelines
  • Detox hurt and hard feelings
  • Side-step communication potholes
  • Review your schedule and going back and forth
  • Read what kids need you to know
  • Avoid the miserable middle
  • Build teamwork and problem solving skills

Healthy coparenting should give you and your child the chance to thrive, not just cope. It is more than setting up two homes and a schedule. It is also about how you build a life for yourself and your child, your relationship with the other parent, and your individual relationships with your children. As coparents, you’ll be solving problems, communicating, networking, making decisions, settling disagreements, and hopefully building a strong coparent team. This Toolkit and the Mom’s House, Dad’s House books were written exactly for these situations.