Custody & CoParenting Solutions, CCPS is a division of CCPS and its internet face. CCPS takes a fresh look at the many challenges families face today by incorporating not just the counseling and mediation traditions but by folding in the shifts in family patterns, family law, and the latest brain and educational research on how we learn, manage stress, change, and experience emotions. CCPS Publications, another Division of CCPS, publishes articles free to the public, the professional community, and published the book, The CoParenting Toolkit which won two Finalist Awards from International Best Books and USA Best Books.

A Brief History

Formerly known as the New Family Center, CCPS was founded in the 1970s by Director, Isolina Ricci, Ph.D. It began in a clinical setting for co-counseling for divorce and coparenting. There, and in groups for parents, specialized frameworks began to grow. Soon, The Center was providing workshops and seminars for parents featuring new approaches for shared custody, coparenting, and developing parenting agreements for custody and visitation. These agreements are now known as Parenting Plans, and divorce, custody, or family mediation. Soon, The Center was also offering training for professionals through colleges, universities, local, and national organizations. The Center formally became known as CCPS in 2009.

in 1980, the first edition was published of Mom’s House, Dad’s House: making shared custody work. It memorialized the author’s initial frameworks and concepts developed with the New Family Center. Notes at the back of the first and second editions give a more detailed account of these concepts such as two homes for children, mediations and Parenting Agreements, the new positive vocabulary, the parent-business relationship, long distance parenting, and family networks. Many of these concepts have become accepted standards. The 2nd Edition of “Mom’s House, Dad’s House: making shared custody work” was followed by “Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids”, both by Fireside/Simon and Schuster. CCPS Publications published the award winning “The Coparenting Toolkit”.